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Policy Analysis

VANI plays a major role in the development of policy analysis for the benefit of the Sector, CSOs, Donors and Corporates

Collectivization & Membership

Enabling a positive environment by collecting voice from grassroots to National to a Global level.

Multi-stakeholder Partnerships

Creating synergies for the development of the country.

Global Development

Gaining a sense of solidarity at global platfroms like C20, Global Standards, CIVICUS, Civil BRICS, ADN, IFP, etc.
Voluntry Sector

Sector Leaders & Activists who have lost their lives in mitigating COVID-19

Discovering VANI
VANI works towards achieving holistic development, SDG integration and enabling environment via triangular cooperation between Government, CSOs and Private sector. Following are the e central themes around which VANI aims to create a strong and robust voluntary sector.
  • Harmonisation and updating Regulatory Framework
  • Strengthening partnership with Government, Corporates, CSR, and Donors (Individual, traditional, philanthropic)
  • Promoting accountability and transparency
  • Effective Governance, Financial and Management Systems
  • Resilience and relevance of the sector
  • Collective Communication Campaign
  • Web Based information System, Social Media, Traditional Media

Vani's Reach and Presence


Million Beneficiary




CSO's Outreach


Meaningful Advocacy

  • VANI played a critical role to advocate for and widely disseminate Model Bill for Society Registration among the state level networks.
  • The Indian Voluntary Sector, through VANI, proposed the historic Alternative National Budget, an unfathomed move amidst TINA campaign (There is no alternative) of the government. This was later acknowledged by the then Prime Minister of India Mr. P V Narisimha Rao
  • Advocacy initiative under Lokpal Bill resulted in relaxation in government’s ask for personal information disclosure of governing board members and their family members

Building Compliances

  • After the amendment of FCRA act, VANI conducted FCRA Clinics around the country to de-mystify law, create awareness and prepare the voluntary organisations (especially grass-root level organisations) about the changed requirements and their adherence.
  • VANI was closely associated with Planning Commission to develop and disseminate the National Policy for the Voluntary Sector.

Global Initiatives

  • Civil Society (which are primarily issue focussed) to involve seriously in the monitoring of implementation of SDGs.
  • VANI is a member of international Networks like Forus (formerly known as International Forum for National Platforms (IFP), CIVICUS, Affiliation Group of National Associations (AGNA), Asia Development Alliance (ADA), Asia Democratic Network. It has partnered with International Civil Society Centre, Accountable Now and few other global networks to draft Global Standard for CSO Accountability.
  • VANI is the founding member of Forum for Indian Development Co-operation (FIDC) for exploring the various facets of development co-operation. VANI partnered with FIDC and organised CIVIL BRICS.
  • In addition, VANI has been drawing attention of the voluntary sector to monitor social implications of international development partnerships including BBIN, BIMSTECH, Blue Economy.
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Become a Member
As a VANI member you become a part of larger mission and get involved in a partnership and a network, which works towards the common goal and interests of the sector. It enables a positive environment by collecting voices from grassroots to national to a global level.
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